Thursday, March 26, 2009

Two gigs in two days. The shoulder feels great, have to practice more. More to come, but have to say the blues band with the horns is unbelvieable. Jim and Kyle are the crack section, and hearing them is a GREAT honor and pleasure...nice work if you can get, yeah baby...

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Best and Worst, the Lack of Intent

I wrote a song called "Had A Dream". I really do not like this song. But many people I know, many of whom I respect and who have "credentials", tell me it is the best song I have ever written. And I have written a lot of songs.

But this song has had a very powerful effect on some people I've never met. It brought a feuding couple, who had been separated and were going through a bitter custody battle, back together again. It kept a family from falling apart. That is crazy. I admit somewhat reluctantly that I get little personal satisfaction from knowing that. It's not that I am callous. But the song certainly didn't work for me in that regard. Of course if it had, I might be miserable. I do not know to what level of misery this couple returned. But there are some kids alive today who would not be had I not written the song! That is truly mind-boggling.

It is interesting to note that I had no intentions toward anything at all when I wrote this song. It was an assignment for the closing credits of a film. I had no, and still have no emotional attachment to the song. Though undoubtedly is extremely important on an emotional level to one family. Yet I struggle to make a living from songwriting.

So what kind of value should we place on songs? And how do you know what songs might have such an impact? I never would have guessed that this song could do that. If other people were not independently telling me it was a great song, I would certainly toss it.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


I have been trying to figure out what to do with this blog for the last few days. What do I have to say that is unique and interesting?

I decided not to think about that, and just write songs, using this blog to ask myself questions about the song, like I always do. Usually I send myself an email with sometimes ridiculous questions like:

"What does it mean? Who are you you to say that?"

Sometimes I make demands:

"You'd better change that, it doesn't make sense, it's too revealing, and the melody is stagnant!"

In my answers I find I can step away, possibly deluding myself into thinking I am being impartial and have the capacity to advise.

Either that or bounce ideas off my cat.

So I am going to use this blog to post these things, as well as updates on songs in progress, with links to scratch sheets, notes, videos, and recordings of me writing.

Maybe you won't find it interesting. But I bet I will write and finish more songs.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Purchase College Blues Band

The PC Blues Band is looking likely to be a big success. I've got to thank Jim McElwaine for my reception of his conception, inception, and he plays tenor too!

Monday meetings and then we are off...
This is my first blog. Hooray!

One thing important when writing songs is clearing the decks. I mean taking care of unfinished business. I know this from personal experience. This latest CD, Lovesick James, having been in the can for three years, was, from within that can, blocking songs.

I'll get deeper into it in further posts. But the thing to know is, that now that it is out, I am barely able to contain the melodies.